Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation is a procedure to change the size or shape of the breasts.
It Improves the size and appearance of the breasts by implanting silicone or rarely saline implants.
A pocket is created either under or over the chest muscle, thus producing a cosmetic enhancement of the breasts.


Breast augmentation takes approximately one to two hours operation time.


A general anesthesia is administrated and the patient is completely asleep. Sometimes an intravenous sedation is used, combined with local anesthesia.


Either – depending on the patient’s and doctor’s decisions. Usually the patients are discharged after few ours.

Possible Side Effects

Mild, temporary discomfort,  sometimes pain, mild to moderate swelling, a tempraly change in nipple sensation and bruising. Breasts may be sensitive to stimulation for a few weeks.
The implant is palpable under the soft tissue dependant on the size of the implant and the amount of soft tissue is coverin the implant.