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Everyone likes to look fresh and gorgeous despite age.
Today appearance is of great importance for our self-esteem, well-being, and quality of life.
Aesthetic plastic surgery can correct and fresh up signs aging of face and body.
In our Clinics, we will advise you of the multitude of possibilities for treatments.
Safety, competence and the highest ethical standards are the guidelines for Plastic Surgeon Stephan Dietz, who will select the appropriate solution for each patient`s individual needs.

About us

We are specialists in facial rejuvenation techniques and aesthetic facial plastic surgery.
This includes facelift and neck lift, restoration of the aging eyes and mouth, the return of lost facial volume through fat grafting, and non-surgical skin treatments.
Our interest is also in breast surgery, especially in the challenging revisional breast surgery.

Quality and safety

Plastic surgery is a difficult and rapidly growing specialty, requiring constant training and education.
Dr. Dietz uses treatments, methods, technical equipment and material that are well-tested, cutting edge and of the very highest quality.
We have chosen our clinics and hospitals in order to perform operations and procedures with maximum safety and convenience for the patients.

Age and aesthetics

Our goal is to give you life more aesthetics and quality. This means happiness and joy of living. Today more people are living longer than at any time in history. Improvements in health care, nutritional factors, and healthy life habits have practically doubled the average life expectancy of the past 100 years. Therefore it is only natural that plastic surgery treatments are becoming more and more popular. The rapid development of aesthetic medicine and always better and safer technologies accelerate this trend.
Our primary goal is to practice plastic surgery in a safe and natural way by using the latest findings and procedures.
We want to make the patients happy with the natural and fresh look with a maximum of safety.

We offer high-quality plastic surgery and aesthetic medical services. We provide you the complete range of cosmetic surgery procedures and soft treatments for both women and men.

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